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Architectural Skin

Project Description

A contractor commissioned to erect a government building hired Romco to fabricate a 2-storey 10,000 square feet enclosure shaped like a giant egg. A series of vertically oriented ‘whale bones’ were formed as the structural members then interconnected with curtain wall elements. A patented polymer wall was installed in the framework. The process of shaping the main struts was so precise that angular tolerances were limited to ½ degree. Fixturing was critical to minimize distortion during CWB-compliant welding. Painted and shipped in modules, the entire project was delivered in 12 weeks.

Project Specifications

Processes: Cut, roll, fit, weld, grinding, paint, assembly
Tightest Tolerance: +/- 0.25” (+/- 6.35 mm) linear, +/- 0.5 degree radial
Material Thickness: 4” (102 mm) x 8” (203 mm) section x 0.5” (12.7 mm) wall
Product Envelope: 100,000 lbs (45,370 kg) structural steel
Base Material: Mild steel, stainless steel
Industry Application: Architectural
Quantity: 4 main assemblies
Delivery Time: 12 days
Project Scope: Manufacture from supplied drawings
Drawing Type Accepted: N/A
Drawing Type : AutoCAD, Solid Works 3D