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Project Description

A multinational customer providing air purification systems around the globe contracted Romco to be the exclusive supplier of high-performance units for installation in the Middle East. Fabricated to CWB standards, these dust collectors extract hundreds of pounds of fine sand dust per hour. The company builds and paints the devices then ships them to multiple destinations with an average 3 weeks turnaround per unit. The customer places such a steady demand on Romco that the company now builds to stock to enable same-day shipping for urgent orders.

Project Specifications

Processes: Cut, bend, roll, fit, weld, drill, assemble, paint
Tightest Tolerance: +/- 0.06" (+/- 1.5 mm)
Material Thickness: 12 gauge (2.66 mm) minimum, 0.5” (12.7 mm) maximum
Product Envelope: 6’-8" long (203 cm) x 5’-3” (160 cm) wide x 16’ high (4.88 m)
Base Material: Mild steel
Industry Application: Environmental
Quantity: Regular production, 2 per week
Delivery Time: 3 weeks per unit
Project Scope: Manufacture from supplied drawings
Drawing Type Accepted: N/A
Drawing Type : Adobe PDF