Fabrication of process equipment, collectors, distribution systems

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Romco Industries is a specialist in process equipment

Gas Fired Ethenol Heater

Romco is a specialist at fabricating units for handling liquids, dust, and air in any process industry.  The company has delivered hundreds of devices for facilities all over the planet. 

If you’re a steady customer, Romco will even commit to building for stock so you can accept delivery of a custom product in the time it takes to ship to your site. Dust collectors, manifolds, refrigeration and liquid distribution systems are only a few of the units the company has built since its inception.

The company will even install the mechanical gear and controls, conduct pressure tests, and deliver a working skid ready for service.  Or, if you have a large tank requiring a service platform, access ladders, and other accessories, Romco will fabricate it all from your detailed drawings.  If the finished unit needs a specialized coating, it can be applied right in the factory.